What can be done about air pollution?

The freedom to travel with ease around any city is what makes a city worth living in and visiting. One undesirable consequence from transportation within our cities is air pollutions so finding solutions to this fallout is important for its citizens and transients.

Pollution can have short-term and long-term side effects. Some of the wells known short-term side effects are:

• nose, throat & eye irritations
• headaches
• asthma
• nausea

And the lesser-known long-term side effects can include:

• lung cancer
• heart disease
• chronic respiratory disease
• damage to the brain, nerves, liver or kidneys

We were most surprised that brain damage was on this list. Because we don’t want to supply all our residents with Alpha Brain, we need to find the best way to keep the air pollution in our city down.


Because cars are the worst offenders when it comes to air pollution the best way to keep it down is to provide efficient and clean public transport. Busses are known to use 8.7% and trains 23.7% less energy per passenger per mile than an automobile.

If we can make our public transport efficient (and as clean) as possible then clearly we can make a big difference to our air quality in our city. We will be looking for public transport solutions that are safe, fast, regular and capable to provide ways of getting around our city.